and the peak ain't reached, but the peak is all I feel

I am in love with these photos. beautiful Polish countryside, rustic style and folk art own my heart. I've spent a bit too much time daydreaming on the author's flickr. the painted house is in a little village zalipie - do google it, the place is magical. 

+ my favourite blog to look at right now - cabin porn. 

I need to get a move on now - had a late start and a huge list of things to do, including cooking up something delicious. 

hope you are having a lovely weekend! it's a long one for us over here in the uk (YES!). in the meantime (self-promo time), you can check out my tumblr nonchalance, which gets a bit more loving from me than this blog. 'til the next time...


the sweetness of cold milk (or one fine spring morning)

  • in the meantime... I worked hard and then spent a well-deserved long break at home. right now I'm struggling to adjust back. office work is so uninspiring if you want a healthy lifestyle. there's definitely something unnatural about spending the best part of your day stuck to your desk, staring at the computer. my time at home was mostly about being outside, lazy breakfasts, reading and drinking coffee in the garden, trekking, playing with my dog & three cats and eating good food (lots of it...). such a great detox (for the mind, mostly, the indecent amounts of food took some toll on the body. I regret nothing.)
  • there's this bit in michał witkowski's 'lumberjack' (a book I mentioned some time ago), which sums up perfectly how I feel when I go home. the main character secludes himself in a cabin in the woods to work on a crime story and on the first morning, while making coffee, he realised that once again he yearns to "think, analyse, read, write". that he has "defrosted, focused and began to think of good and important things, instead of warsaw matters" (swap warsaw for london here).
  • the books and movies I'm enjoying are all in polish (I always have the longest wish list when I go home), particularly the cookbook/scrapbook by adam gessler. it has charmed me completely and I'm addicted to his tv show. what a character! I think a visit to his london restaurant 'daquise' is in order.
  • music for today - daniel bloom's soundtrack from one of my favourite films of the last years.
  • the rest of my week will hopefully include a trip to borough market for groceries and an early morning run alongside the river. also: my favourite quick lunch otm - mashed avocado + broccoli sprouts on rye bread. nothing groundbreaking, I know, but the combination of spicy, crunchy sprouts with sweet and buttery avocado is a winner.  
(the pictures here are what I wish for right now)



this one is dedicated to my love of everything outdoors. trekking in the mountains, long walks alone with just a flask of hot coffee, picnics, beers by the fire, rugged clothes, the lot.
current enjoying:

+ stepping up my running regime and becoming (almost) obsessed with it. not just running in itself, which is obviously the most rewarding part, but also the whole lifestyle: getting the gear, plotting the routes, keeping a running log, reading up on the nutrition, compiling the playlist... I love it! now looking forward to an early morning run by the river on sunday.

++ warm breakfasts during the weekends. on rotation recently: millet groats + sautéed cinnamon apples, buttery semolina porridge + berries, honeyed barley + dates, oat porridge + banana, almonds and cranberries. the day just cannot go wrong after one of these. inspiration comes courtesy of two great blogs - this one and this one.

+++ books: peter høeg's 'miss smilla's feeling for snow' -  such a great read and so much more than another scandinavian crime novel. the plot is gripping, but what really draws you in is the atmosphere and beautiful writing.

'people in love worship a photograph. they fall on their knees before a scarf. they make a journey to look at the wall of a building. whatever can ignite the coals that both warm and sear them.'

for Polish readers - 'drwal' by michał witkowski. I'm relentlessly recommending it to everyone - best book I've read in a few years.

++++ tv: first up this year was the brilliant sherlock. then I went through a  period of withdrawal and to soothe the pain I started garrow's law (one needs a regular dose of rupert graves). you can always count on the brits to take a story that doesn't really sound very exciting (or 'legal drama inspired by the life of pioneering 18th century barrister william garrow') and make it into something great. now it's all about 'being human' again (i.e. what exactly is in the irish water vol. 2. if you're watching the show - you know what I'm talking about).

and if you're a bit fed up with my one-post-per-month (or three months, actually) routine - there's a constant stream of consciousness over here.

till next time - enjoy the longer days!