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winter vol. 2

let the countdown begin. I'm going home in less than a week and couldn't be more excited about it, I really need to clear my head... life (=work) has been a bit crazy in the last few month and I've discovered I like it that way - possibly a little too much for my own good.

so here's to quiet white mornings, frosty winter walks and chilling by the fireplace, preferably with my dog and three cats nearby, a mug of coffee (or maybe baileys. or coffee with baileys. oh yes.) and a piece of cheesecake (or any other cake, I'm not fussy). bring it on.

+ if you're into that winter vibe, there's a great cookbook by matthew evans 'winter on the farm'. it's full of really beautiful photographs and delicious-sounding recipes ('pancakes laced with salted caramel pears and finished with rum' for breakfast, anyone?).

++ can't get this song out of my head.

+++ I got my hands on the new season of borgen, at last. sidse babett knudsen is killing it, as always. 

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of course it's the end. how could it not be?

I don't know about you guys, but I'm definitely ready for christmas holidays...

so here comes the first of winter posts. although it feels more like spring in london right now, I had the first taste of winter this weekend in paris. ahh, paris. finally I was able to go back and do all the cliché things from my list and two days on I'm still having inappropriate thoughts about the saint-honoré rose framboise from ladurée. need. help.

anyway, unfortunately I have no sufficiently sophisticated book/film/tv recommendations this time. work has been rather hectic lately and I really love it, but this also means I cannot process anything too complicated. now that downton abbey is over (can't wait 'til the christmas special) and I have no idea how to catch the new season of borgen, you wouldn't believe the tv shows I've been watching...

stay tuned for more winter charm.