I'm all you require

what I've been enjoying lately:

  • forbrydelsen (the killing) - the danish tv crime series. I don't really have words to describe how perfect it is and how much I adore sarah lund (the main character) and want to be like her. I'll be forever grateful to Anna Maria, who recommended this piece of genius to me in comments under the last post. accidentally, forbrydelsen involves lars mikkelsen (the brother of... yup, you guessed it!) and, if that's not enough for you, my latest crush - mikael birkkjær, whose disturbingly good looks deserve a special shout-out of their own. now I'll be watching 'borgen', another danish drama series (most importantly - it features the adorable mr birkkjær) (seriously, such a small country and so much talent! if anyone from denmark is reading this - I salute you! tillykke!)
  • summer in london (well, that's a bit of a stretch... 'english summer rain - seems to last for ages'. if you're in londontown these days, you know what I mean). but there's something about those sunny mornings, smelling of toast and coffee and promise of good thing to come. even if it rains cats and dogs later on. lazy lunches with friends (I swear there are so many people seriously getting their drink on during lunchtime. and you wonder why the credit crunch happened?). cocktails after work and guys in the city rolling their sleeves up (have I mentioned I have a bit of a fetish for forearms? no?... sometimes I think I share too much on this blog.)
  • coffee. and the more coffee. for some reason I'm drinking obscene amounts of it these days. the first sip in the morning... mmm. good times. (when it's particulary great coffee, I always think of this)
  • the prospect of moving to a new flat in september. I can barely afford it... but it's in my favourite area and such a great little place! finally I'll be able to unashamedly invite people over! I'm so done with living in student accomodation...
  • last but so not least, Poland's volleyball team winning our first medal in world league. this is a bit late, but still - well done, boys!
in the meantime, I'm very much present on my tumblr, which I can only hope somewhat makes up for my pathetically sparse posting here. so if you're up for lots of photos of scandinavia, coffee, countryside, lovely food, champagne and men I fancy (usually twice my age, you've been warned), come and visit me at nonchalance.

have a great, restful weekend!

meanwhile, in finland - summer nights.