if you think it's tough, you don't want it enough

so, it's been some time since my last post... in the meantime I have finished uni, flown back and forth between london and home many times, and as of last week - started at my first proper job. anyway, if you've been following this blog for a while, you're probably used to my erratic ways of posting ;)

some of the things I've been enjoying lately:
  • the most beautiful book (because it's so much more than a cookbook) I've discovered in a long time: rose petal jam by beata zatorska & simon target. at first I was quite hestitant about sharing this here - it's the kind of feeling you have when you discover some obscure band and you just want to keep it to yourself. but here goes... it's basically a book I've been dreaming of writing for years. a nostalgic memoir of childhood summer days in Poland, where recipes, stories, poems and absolutely fantastic photographs come together in a collage of sorts. I see it first and foremost as a long-overdue tribute to the extraordinary country that Poland is. and as if by an almost improbable coincidence, it turned out that the author hails from my hometown. seeing my high school in one of the photos was just an overkill...

  •  by now some of you might be aware of my borderline fanatical infatuation with all things scandinavian. these past few weeks I've been immersed in the millenium trilogy (books and films. and while we're on the subject - those movies so did not have to be remade... as much as they lacked in terms of characted/plot development, the idea of daniel craig as mikael blomqvist makes me cringe and that's just the top of the iceberg), wallander series (books and films - the swedish version) and lately - the varg veum films based on books by gunnar staalesen. perfect in every way.

  • game of thrones. words cannot convey my feelings for it (and sean bean).

and for now, gorgeous bergen in all shades of grey. inspired by the varg veum films, where this amazing city is shown in such a beautiful way. the first five photos are from the lovely hei astrid blog - check it out to discover that it doesn't always rain in bergen... (although a search on flickr for rainy bergen yields three times as many results as the one for sunny bergen).

song for a rainy day? it's over - sondre lerche (from norway. obviously.)