crave you

uh-oh. not this again... for some reason autumn always puts me in a peculiar, wicked mood. not sure if I'm going to fight or embrace it. one thing is certain, crisp cold mornings make my first coffee (and other things) taste that much better.

on a lighter note, I started my evening swedish classes last week. about time, you might say! jag talar lite svenska nu :)

+ does anyone have any recommendations for the best places to eat/have coffee in brighton? I'm going for a day-trip next weekend. late october might not strike you as the best time, but my mom is coming to town and we wanted to do something different. also, as per jamie's city guide:

"you haven’t really seen Brighton in all its aching, melancholic glory until you’ve walked from Palace Pier along the deserted seafront into neighbouring Hove, or ducked out of the rain into Marrocco’s Italian cafe for a warming hot chocolate or even a scoop of their top-notch homemade ice cream"

that sold it. 'aching' and 'melancholic' really appeal to me these days ;)


słuchaj, jak miłość wrzeszczy do ucha

 so not ready for the week to come. something soothing...

marie zucker