now you're thinking too fast, you're like marbles on glass

how I long for the countryside... settling in the first proper flat really takes it out of me these days. life is mostly about checking things off the list, almost there. suddenly I'm getting really excited about pillowcases and lusting after a designer sugar bowl (and I don't even put sugar in my tea/coffee!).  it's a dangerous territory.

+ just finished the first episode of new downton abbey. is it just me or was anyone else crying throughout almost the entire thing? hmm.

++  so grateful I can get my weekly dose of iain glen once again.

+++ note to self: good things and amazing people come when you least expect them. hang tough.

++++ this song + lazy afternoon +  your drink of choice.


you look like you've been for breakfast at the heartbreak hotel

time for an autumn set.

+  remember how I was just about to start watching 'borgen', the danish tv political drama? well, I've finished the first season and man, it's so unebelievably good! extremely well-written and brilliantly acted. sidse babett knudsen shines as the first danish female prime minister (how apropos) and mikkael birkjær is as handsome as ever (and a great actor, yes, of course).

fortunately season 2 starts next week. can't. wait.

have a good one!