there's too much caffeine in your bloodstream and a lack of real spice in your life

it's finally getting warm (sort of)! although here, you never really know... also, last week we had the first day of sunshine in what I believe was over a month. my favourite things currently...
  • "band of brothers" and "the pacific" are brilliant (if anyone's following my tumblr and getting sick of the BoB/TP overload, I can only say - too bad)
  • my favourite artist has released his new album last week and man, it's so good! soundtrack to my spring'11.
  • hope & greenwood -  the retro sweet shop in covent garden. it's such a cute little place, as close to honeydukes as you can get without going to hogsmeade.
  • after avoiding the us version of the office (who could ever beat ricky gervais?), I gave it a go and now I'm on the 3rd season. it's actually better than the uk one. I need to re-think my life choices.
  • no matter what happens, this is the month I will hand in my final year dissertation. I'll probably explode with happiness when the blessed day comes.
  • never let me go is brilliant (the movie). haunting, heartbreaking, beautiful. it went straight to my list of favourite movies - and usually I'm lucky if I find one film I like this much per year. I'm surprised it didn't get any love at baftas or the oscars. the whole mood of the film reminded me of a very special book, kitchen by banana yoshimoto. I can't really put my finger on it. perhaps it's because the book it was based on was written by a japanese author as well? anyway, I really recommend it.
  • speaking of movies, see how I didn't even mention the oscars and how perfect it was that for once in a long time a film that won actually deserved the award? although the kids are all right should've gotten a special prize too, possibly for being the most overrated movie of the year.
  • damian lewis is perfect. the end.
excuse my less-than-eloquent rambling, I'm drinking a little too much coffee and studying a little too much these days, so half the time even I don't know what I'm talking about. enjoy your week & have some pretty countryside photos. one day, I promise...

right now I could really go for a coffee, ideally somewhere in the countryside. I wish, I wish...


    1. Aniu, piękne to nowe zdjęcie w profilu:)

      A obrazki zapierają dech, zwłaszcza jak się siedzi w szklanym biurowcu:)

    2. those pictures make me want to go to ireland ❤

    3. These pictures are beautiful. I want to leave my office now and drive into the country.

    4. P.S. I thought The Kids Were Alright was really overrated too. The storyline for the kids seemed so fragmented. I bet the book is much better.

    5. Dziękuję :)) Przeważnie o tej porze roku wybitnie ciągnie mnie do takich widoków (w zeszłym roku też pojawił się "wiejski" post mniej więcej w tym samym okresie). Miasto mnie aktualnie trochę męczy. Miłego tygodnia!

    6. Those photos are beautiful, do you know where any of them where taken?

    7. Thank you! The first one is Lake District (England), 2 - Shaftesbury (England); 3,4,5,9,10 - England as well; 11 - Bronte Country, England; 6 - Poland; 7 - Adamselv, Norway and last one is Scotland. Hope this helps a bit.

    8. jestem wielką, wielką fanką the office! ;)

    9. wow
      they're sooo beautiful
      9th is just like a dream

    10. Damian Lewis is perfect and a big crush of mine:-) Loved Band of Brothers, but was told The Pacific was inferior, so I havent watched it yet, but maybe I should rethink my choices, too.
      I can buy stuff from Hope & Greenwood in our deli, but we also have our own old-fashioned sweet shop, The Sweet Treat, which is brilliant. I am going to order my son's birthday cake there.

    11. Wow great pics. the landscapes are perfection.

      That those cups of mocha or cappuccino looks grrrreat.

    12. Never let me go was beautiful!

      I really like this set of pictures, very beautiful!



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    14. Hi Manda, I'm happy to hear that xx

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