shall we leave this place now, dear?

guys... I have finished my dissertation! quite strange not to have to put "dissertation-write (...)" in my diary, for the first time since last summer. it's only proper that I celebrate this momentous day somehow, so I'm currently getting drunk on a very expensive chablis (the only way to start a week...) and listening to this on repeat (czesław <3). anyway. press on.

let me tell about food and what I like to eat when days finally get (a teeny tiny bit) warmer.

quickly steamed asparagus, with only a touch of lemon, salt and butter, accompanied by a glass of white wine.

a hunk of proper west country cheddar/good french brie with some great bread, juicy grapes and wine.

simple caprese with sweet, ripe tomatoes and plump, milky mozzarella + freshly picked basil.

(by now you've probably noticed that wine is a common theme in my book)

-what is your nationality?
- I'm a drunkard.
- that makes Rick a citizen of the world.


give me books, French wine, fruit, fine weather and a little music played out of doors by someone I do not know.

john keats

also, some of my own recent creations (because of the crappy quality of cellphone pictures, I processed these with poladroid in hopes that I can pass them as vintage/quirky photos).

broad beans (aka fava beans to you lovely Americans) + asparagus + parmesan salad (recipe from sophie dahl's book, but it's really about a simple combination of those flavours), rye bread.

kale + parmesan salan in lemon dressing (recipe from the amazing sprouted kitchen). I know that kale is more of a winter veg, but it's super healthy. apparently some people are squeamish about eating raw kale, but this simple recipe (uhm... it takes 3-4 minutes tops) will change your mind. I have never actually eaten kale cooked and usually go for this salad. delicious and oh-so-good for you.

source: my tumblr, nonchalance (and originally - I have no idea) + my own

I think there's something really beautiful and elegant about eating seasonal food, and not messing with it too much. concentrating on hunting down the best ingredients and treating them with respect.

speaking of delicious things, can somebody shed more light on what exactly is added to the irish water? I'm watching 'being human' right now and even though it's a rather brilliant show all round, undoubtedly the best thing about it is aidan turner. now I'm a big fan of the scruffy look anyway, but in one of the episodes he really pushes it by wearing tracksuit bottoms and a plaid flannel shirt. what's more, the guy basically permanently looks hung-over and frankly, in need of a good shower, and yet. and yet! I think I'm going to pause here so that I don't have to delete this post later on.

have an awesome week everyone!


  1. love quickly steamed asparagus. tomato, mozzarella, and basil are also my fav.! congratulations on completing your dissertation! well-deserved food & wine. ♥

  2. congratulations on your dissertation! i hope you can enjoy your newly won freetime. sometimes, when i have been working on something for a long time, it's difficult to suddenly calm down and have so much free time at my hands.

  3. congrats on your paper! such a lovely blog, always. so now that you have more free time, i look forward to possibly hearing more from you (;

  4. Congratulations on finishing your dissertation! Yeah!

    Also, thanks for the link to the lemon dressing. Yum.

  5. that food looks amazing.... couldn't agree with you more about the wonderful simplicity of seasonal foods prepared in the most minimalist of ways!

    brittney from www.hushnwonder.com

  6. thank you, everyone! xxx

    here's hoping, anon ;)

  7. congrats on finishing the paper. thank goodness you didn't trash this post.

  8. congrats on finishing your dissertation! time to celebrate! craving asparagus right now. such good food photos.

  9. ohh dear, your posts cheer me up so....
    i'm in need of that kinda pure, organic, inspiration today more than most days.

  10. Finding this post.. The lion in my tummy grumbles and roars. I am hungry, thank you for your sweet photographs!

    love your blog
    love bon iver too ~

    sugar plum kisses~
    amy x

  11. Beautiful photos! I am so excited I found your blog! I can't wait to go back and read your older post and get to know you more. I would be honored if you would visit my blog and tell me what you think!!

    Thank you


  12. Congratulations on finishing your dissertation. :) To this day, I've never been able to recapture that feeling of "WAHEY!" that you get after getting the dissertation binding over down with and then handing it in. It's akin to banging the door shut behind visitors that have overstayed their welcome or a massive cool drink on the hottest day of the year.

    I love that picture of the bread and the wine by the way. Makes me fancy some really nice bread, not the stuff you buy in the supermarket, the really good stuff with a proper crust. You can't beat that.

  13. *over and done with, sorry. >.<

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