we've had 3 (three!) sunny days in a row after 2 months :)) spring must be coming. I woke up early and decided to be all healthy and good to myself: took a cold shower, went to the gym, made fresh mint tea, bought groceries for the week, got myself daffodils and white tulips. and I've done it all before noon! a taste of what life could have been if I didn't have to write that dreadful dissertation. which I'll be doing for the rest of the day...

+ us the office > uk the office. big time.
+ watched hurt locker again yesterday and it was even better than I remembered. same goes for how good looking jeremy renner is in it.

have a great week and remember to take care of yourselves!


  1. lovely,,, have a good week yourself. i love good mornings, when theres just this unexplained energy instead of the dread to get outta bed. much love.

  2. I love the collection of pictures you've presented here. I can't wait for spring! We've had a couple of sunny days here and it is such a tease.

    Have you seen The Town? Mr. Renner is quite amazing in it.

  3. Delie, dziękuję :))

    Nicole, I haven't seen it yet - forgot that Jeremy was in this one! Now I'm going to make a point of watching it soon :)

  4. I almost feel the spring... mmm... thanks :) wonderful pics, wonderful music - as always, looking forward to each of your posts :)

  5. Such a lovely selection of photos!

  6. i love red fruit!
    Very nice photos!



  7. georgeous pictures! lovely blog! definitely following! :)