to czas przebudzenia, zmiana pola widzenia

today was a good day, I finally made it to the slope after a year-long break from skiing. it was so beauitiful, frosty air, icy blue sky and mist coming down from the mountains. I feel totally in my element on the slope.

anyway, I'm finally home for a bit, after truly terrible two days of journey. it included cancelled flights, going to different airports, massive delays, missing connecting flights by 10min, freezing while wating for transport to the hotel on a cold night in munich, more dalays, etc etc. they say in such circumstances acceptance is the only path to serenity, but it's easier said than done.
one positive aspect of this miserable munich layover was coming to the conclusion that german men are quite possibly the most handsome. this is what I have suspected for a long time now, but it never hurts to update your research. still true.

in an effort not to write about dear jamie o. in every post, I will not mention that I'm rewatching 'jamie at home' dvds and they're still beautifully inspiring. instead, I will tell you that I saw inception the other day and how underwhelming I found it. I can't help feeling that they had a great concept, but somehow the execution could do with more sophistication, it somehow lacked that mad touch of genius. with such a fascinating idea they could have really created a total mindfuck, pardon my french, but what we actually get is another action movie with clever bits. also, I would have changed most of the cast, but that's another issue.

speaking of mindfucks, I'm going to catch up on misfits. have a brilliant sunday! I think these go well together. winter breakfast and frosty glasgow.

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