for you I'd bleed myself dry

one of the colours of spring has to be yellow. I especially like pale shades of yellow, lemon chiffon and icterine. and yet, I never wear it and the only yellow thing in my room are post-its.

so buy some daffodils and make peach pancakes, while I'll be pondering the concept of value at risk.

gotta love coursework essays ;)

+ willie's dark chocolate is indecently good. worth every penny :)


it could be wrong, could be wrong, but it should've been right

hot summer days...

I must admit they're ususally so tempting when it's grey and rainy (like today) outside. in real life the summer heat is mostly uncomfortable.

now I'm catching up on 'three hungry boys' - brilliant thing on tv. it's about three guys who challenged hugh fearnley-whittingstall (of the river cottage) that they could spend a month living off the land. what you get is a lot of beautiful scottish landscapes, three scruffy-looking chaps (one of them, if I squint, reminds me of my biggest celebrity crush, so it's all good), spear fishing, mussel picking, wild swimming, survival and generally boys being boys.

screen caps by me from the trailer of "I am love"

and here's to my undying love affair with this city.

what became of the likely lads?

spring has arrived - it's official :) meanwhile I'm stuck indoors with coursework and watching 'michelin stars - the madness of perfection'.

I dare to say that raspberries make me happier than chocolate. you just can't beat the exhilarating smell, vibrant colour and taste...

other thing that makes me happy is finally finding good bread in london - euphorium bakery is where it's at, and luckily it's just a quick walk away from my place.

+ I just discovered one of the most exciting things on tv. it combines my two favourites - science and the hamster - 'richard hammond's invisible worlds'. incredible, even if you're not the same as me - getting goosebumps from watching programmes about science... you can see it here.

last two - my own (I have a thing for photographing food and jewellery together), weheartit, beth retro


something, anything, just to keep believing

amusing. discovered via chasing vulpecula.

nothing else to say - monetary economics and other coursework essays are killing me not-so-softly. please take me home! ah, 12 days to go...


for relaxing times, make it suntory time

it's not about the clothes here. it's about a combination of my favourite model and russia. hey presto, I'm buying whatever they're selling.

although I must say there's something rather delicious about natasha dressed in a tight floral print pencil skirt, denim bustier and heels, leaning on a volga.

now watching 'the chorus' for n-th time, such a beautiful movie, and jean-baptiste maunier has a face of an angel. the soundtrack is heartbreakingly genius, just have a listen - 'vois sur ton chemin' is goosebumps good. it was actually nominated to oscar in 2005 (I promptly checked who got the award, it was a song from 'motorcycle diaries'. what a joke). just please don't listen to beyonce's version ;) she butchered it beyond belief.

ps why didn't I know this was the finale of skins?... effy rocks and all, but cook made this show.


tell me no truth, if it is bad, there's enough in my life to make me so sad

what a mess of a day. mondays are meant to be rough, no? the following don't help: coming back home at midnight (lovely dinner though, no regrets) and deciding it's time to give 'californication' a go (it's right up my alley), conciously trying not to look at the clock and being surprised by the sound of the alarm going off at 7am. then spending 10hrs at work.

I was tagged by the weirdly like-minded bzu to list 7 things about myself. I could probably come up with some more exciting stuff if I weren't so spaced out right now, apologies :) here goes:

1. if I could study anything just for my own pleasure and satisfaction, it would be physics and astronomy. along with maths, they were my majors in school for 6 years and I often miss it now. I find this stuff mindblowing. there you have it, ladies and gentlemen, I'm a nerd.

2. one of my favourite flavour combinations is hard cheese and honey. it's an addiction. but then again I strongly believe that honey makes everything better - just beware of the nasty supermarket stuff. my grandpa is a beekeeper, so I consider myself a connoisseur ;)

3. one of the reasons why I went into banking is that I adore men in good suits. don't ask just how important a reason it was. so far I'm not complaining, it's all working out just as I hoped it would.

4. I really don't care for small talk and the ubiquitous here in the uk "how are you", which is followed by the obligatory mindless finethanksandyou?, before one even has a chance to think. I come from a country where when somebody asks how are you, it actually means they expect a more elaborate answer. if we don't care - we don't say anything.

5. call me paranoid, but I'm always looking out for potential thiefs/criminals/psychopaths/sources of danger. it's like I'm starring in my own action movie (preferrably as jack bauer's sidekick). case in point - when on the tube a while ago, I smelled rotten eggs and got off the train, because I remembered that's how hydrogen sulfide (a poisonous gas) smells like. most probably it was just some who had yet to discover the joys of comitting to a long-term relationship with soap and water, but you just n e v e r know.

6. I looove top gear (one of my two favourite shows on the tv, sitcoms excluded) and have an embarrassingly soft spot for the hamster. but then again I do have a track record of questionable celebrity crushes, gordon ramsay being one of them.

7. I have an unhealthy obsession with football. when my team is playing, I swear/cry/jump/scream, usually all at once. when my boys are not playing, I'm not too fussy - I'll basically watch anything (well, maybe apart from man utd, just can't stand these *****).

I know, I'm just such a girly girl. please be assured that the person writing this is the one behind 'lace and cake'.

now a little piece of magic. this is the stuff that dreams are made of (found via the one and only .la douleur exquise.)

make sure you can hear the music :)


we were hoping for some romance

now that spring seems to be finally arriving to london, let's all pretend we can escape to the country (that is unless of course you already live in the countryside), drink fresh milk and roll in the grass.
I'm hopelessly romanticising the countryside, but there's nothing wrong with that.
I shall be leaving the hustle and bustle in exactly 3 weeks. actually... one of the photos shows my own piece of the countryside and you can spot a bit of my house, if you know where to look ;)