in my head, you're already mine

things I have been enjoying lately:

  • sunny winter days in londontown (if only it wasn't so bloody cold!)
  • ladurée macarons in salted caramel. I die a little with each bite.
  • 'the flavour thesaurus' by niki segnit aka 'the book I wish I had written myself'.
  • work (yes, it's possible!)
  • 'country living' magazine aka my porn.
  • jamie at home, christmas special (old but still good. if only for jamie's laughing fit in the final scene).
  • chickpea sauté from 'plenty' by yotam ottolenghi + cooking with the seasons (kale, brussel sprouts, yumm).
  • period tv dramas - all the jane austen classics + the unbelievably beautiful 'downton abbey' (mourning the end of the season...). you can say many things about the Brits, but boy do they know their period drama. the interiors, the music, the landscapes, the dialogues, the acting, and have I mentioned the interiors? (they may also be the only ones who can make great rom-coms).
and now I realise that almost all of my posts revolve around food and/or jamie oliver...

now a big winter post, here's to silent white winter mornings, sparkling snow, morning walks through the countryside and cozy early afternoons of curling in front of a fireplace with a mug of tea and a piece of cake.

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  1. aaa i love everything, I think the snow is comming all around europe, it's soo cool !!

  2. Gorgeous pictures! They make me wish it felt more like winter here in California. All I want is a tiny bit of snow!

  3. I'm a coward for the cold, but these pictures make me crave it sooo bad!

    Hugsies Ania. :)

  4. thank you all & dziękuję bardzo :)

  5. cudny blog (i tumblr), moje najnowsze olśnienie, z uporem maniaka codziennie podsycane - dziękuję :)))

  6. Hanno, to ja dziękuję pięknie, mam teraz taaaki uśmiech na twarzy ;)

  7. Amazing pictures, the serenity in these pictures is gorgeous.

  8. This is in response to faux vs real fur via The Sartorialist. You have every right to complain about anyone who decides to wear real fur. What you don't have a right to do is FORCE your opinions on me in a way that will make me change my mind. It's not suppose to be like that in the USA. No way. Besides, last time I checked, I have to answer to one Judge. And I'm sure if wearing real fur is wrong in His eyes, He'll let me know. I have heard and read everything about why you think it's wrong to wear fur. I still decide to wear it. Let me guess. I'll bet you're pro choice, too. Well so am I. No one has a right to tell a woman what to do with her body. I hope she doesn't choose abortion. But, I can't make her change her mind. Again, she'll have to answer to God for her decision. So, take a breathe and focus on some of the more pressing issues going on in our world. Ooh, I'll bet you didn't like that, now did you?

  9. No, I didn't like that, because you are missing my point completely. I believe strongly that if the consequences of our choices hurt others, then as humans we are obliged to make a different choice. Our freedom of choice ends where others' suffering begins.

    Today violation of animal rights is a pressing issue.
    I sincerely hope you're doing more than just focusing on other "more pressing issues", whatever they may be. Finding a cure for cancer, perhaps.

  10. beautiful photos! the chocolates look delectable.


  11. Hi Ania

    I found your response to the insensitive and strangely compassion-less fur coat related comments on the Sartorialist's recent post to be balanced and insightful – so thanks, you said what I wanted to quite brilliantly. Led me to your blog, which I am now following - your posts a gentle reminder of how pretty and still a December in the Northern Hemisphere can feel. Carl Sagan's 'Cosmos' reminded me of this little something that feels closer to my Southern Hemisphere summer. Enjoy:


  12. Hello Duncan,

    I really appreciate your comment. When it comes to cruelty towards animals, something I feel so strongly about, I often struggle to express myself in a coherent manner, without bursting into an angry rant.
    Thank you & I hope you will enjoy my blog!

  13. oh prague, you beautiful town...

  14. This little montage of yours is very well composed. The mood is lovely, good job.

  15. aaaah every pictures just puts me in a good mood :D

  16. coz za boskie zdjecia!!!<3


  17. Such amazing pics, dreamy and just amazing!
    I especially love the candle holder on the table- perfection!
    xo nina

  18. I just found your blog & i love it!! This post is fantastic & makes me feel very christmasy and hungry haha. Great job!!

    New follower :)


  19. dziękuję!

    thank you & I hope you will enjoy what's to come xx

  20. beautiful pictures that bring out the beautiful essence of winter.. spring? spring can wait a while longer ...

  21. Love the mementos. Keep on posting. I've bookmarked you already