I've been putting out fire with gasoline

in the meantime... I finished my summer internship, flew back home and went on much needed holidays, where I rediscovered my weakness for a good cosmopolitan. and if it's served in a cozy bar right by the beach on a warm summer evening, when your skin still smells of salty breeze and warm sand - well, that's just dandy.

now, I couldn't possibly not mention this one, beacuse...
there are the movies you like.
there are the movies you love.
and then there are the movies which are so perfect in every way that they feel like they were made exactly for you.
this is only the second time it has happened  - a movie so completely brilliant that I felt compulsed to watch it over and over again every day. some scenes many many times in a row.

and I can now say that I know 'inglourious basterds' by heart.

+ when I grow up, I want to be diane kruger ;)


au revoir - next time I'll have a great book recommendation for you.


  1. when i grow up - oh wait, i'm already grown up..

  2. i love diane! great pics!

  3. she is beyond incredible! what editorial are these from?


  4. what other movies do you love? i'm trying to compile a list to catch up on. movies do strange things to me actually. sometimes i wonder if i should watch at all...

  5. Merissa, unfortunately I have no idea - I got most of them from weheartit.... xx

    十十f十 , my other 'great loves' are english patient and I am dina, followed closely by after the wedding. the are a few more movies very close to my heart - have a look in my profile and get back to me on how that catching up goes! ;)

  6. these are very beautiful pictures, indeed.
    nice blog!

  7. Awh looks like your photobucket account has reached it's limit. That happened to me! Upload your photos to tinypic.com or imageshack.com, you won't have that problem.

  8. diane kruger is such a sexy way. She looks real, unlike a lot of screen starlets you see nowadays.


  9. She's so cute..! Great blog !

  10. Beautiful photos!! Love the black and white ones =)