her lips are cherry stained and she tastes of dry champagne

I've been meaning to write a new posts for... a long time now, but words are misbehaving, they don't listen to me anymore and I can't seem to be able to put together a decent sentence. it's quite ironic, because I have so many things to say, too many thoughts that keep my mind restless - new faces, old flames, many thrills and exciting career prospects.

some people excercise to improve their physical health, I do it mostly to take care of my mental health - running keeps me balanced (well, sorta) and cures anxiety. those endorphines that kick in after an exhausting work out take the edge off any fast paced day...

something to watch on a summer evening (I've been catching up): "brief encounter" - usually so not my thing, I don't do old-time movies (ie audrey hepburn phenomena is totally puzzling to me), but my god have I been sobbing throughout the last minutes of it. a classic. "last station" - mixed reviews, but I rather enjoyed it (although again, the ending had me in tears). I might be biased, since I love anything Russia-related and this one also has james mcavoy, who I believe to be extremely talented. helen mirren delivers a memorable performance - this is what I'm talking about, an actress who can move you with minimal effort, a hint of a smile, fleeting glimpse of emotion in her eyes. none of that over the top drama (I promised myself no pointing fingers here, but how anyone can think angelina is a good actress remains a mystery to me). "crazy heart" - there's just something about a good story and good acting. you don't need much more than that (but I'm also biased here beacuse of my girl crush on maggie gyllenhaal).

this post is way too long by now. be thankful that I'll restrain myself and won't talk about politics - so no rant about the results of last week's presidential elections in motherland. I'll save it for when my mom comes to visit in two days ;)

anyway... it's summer (what's up with this heat? thankfully the rain returns to london next week and it will be english summer as we know it once again ;)).
and one of the best things about summer is dining al fresco.

I myself quite fancy the idea of having a proper garden tea party.

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  1. Oh how I would love to throw a garden tea party!!! This post inspires me to throw one :)


  2. love these table shots! so great!


  3. love these garden table settings, so inspirational. i want to have one! i want to have one! hahaa.


  4. I fall in love in 3 picture!! Wow amazing!