that's alright, because I like the way it hurts

russian sweets have the cutest packaging (besides Polish ;)). I'm particularly fond of mishka kosolapyi, which I've had today at work, courtesy of my russian colleague. we have a tradition in our team that whenever someone has candy from their motherland, they bring it to work and share. lucky for the danes, liqourice seems to be a thing only they're able to enjoy, no matter how much I adore all things danish (or scandinavian, for that matter) (mads mikkelsen being on the very top of the list).
speaking of scandinavian obsessions, I just got my second book by trina hahnemann - after "the scandinavian cookbook" I am now a happy owner of "the nordic diet". they're both amazing in many ways and I'm afraid words won't do them justice, so let me just say that if you're a fan of that simple, clean and fresh scandi vibe, you would love them. 

actually, I seem to be on a roll here - I've just pre-ordered "moomins cookbook" and "noma: time and place in nordic cuisine" by rene redzepi himself.
talking about all things scandinavian, I loved the episode of "jamie does..." from stockholm :)) do all the bakers look like that in sweden?...
I'll save the topic of norse mythology for another post ;)

although by now it might seem that my life revolves around food, truth is that since I've come back to work a week ago there's not too much going on on that front. afternoon double espressos, no sugar, are back on the menu. the bitter smell alone makes me shudder and I wonder why do I do this to myself... and then the addictive caffeine rush kicks in, which keeps me pleasantly hyper for the rest of the day.

+ it's one of the best feelings when you get back what you think you've lost. turns out, it's been somewhere inside you, waiting for the right moment to reappear.

ah, yess, the photos... loved that editorial. and that's it from me :)

marcin tyszka


  1. Beautiful Photos! Great choice. The make-up is stunning and that last dress is so beautiful!!


  2. Ale mi narobiłaś smaka na te książki kucharskie:)

  3. PS Nieustająco podziwiam Twój angielski:)

  4. Ohh yes Russian candies are the best, Mishka Kosolapy choclates used to be my favorite as a child, I used to eat sack fulls of them nearly every day! I'd love to recommend another delicious Russian candy called "Korovka" it is yummy soft butterscotch fudge wrapped in paper just as nice as the Mishka Kosolapy choclates, only with a baby cow on the picture.

    Lots of love

  5. What a lovely post, very chic editorial. And to the sweets - I remember that polish candy, Krówka, and how much I used to love it when I was kid. :) Your blog is one of my all time favorites, by the way.

  6. hi, sorry to be annoying but what was that french song you had on your profile a while back? there was a beautiful woman singing it live. x

  7. you know, you're right what you said in the post title and towards the end of the post.

    love everything about the editorial. i want her hair.

  8. dobrze znam skandynawską obsesję... każdy powiew podziwiam i do każdej skandynawskości mnie ciągnie;)

  9. such a good film