and that voice of his, smooth as chocolate mousse

a few pretty images from a movie I've recently rediscovered - "chocolat". rural france, plenty of chocolate and juliette binoche = me happy.
now, where did this week go? I'm so busy at work (but loving it) that sometimes I feel as if I never leave that place... so if you'll excuse me, I've got to get on with my weekend and:
  • catch up on sleeping and eating (hmm it's probably not normal to be setting yourself reminders to eat in your diary?... "Lunch. 7 hours overdue.").
  • study econometrics... how fun for me.
  • go to the consulate to vote tomorrow. hopefully if I go in the morning, the queue won't be too long. then possibly a pit stop at the 'nordic bakery', since it's pretty close... best cappuccino and warm cinammon buns, here I come.
hmm actually I just remembered I left the document that confirms I've registered to vote on my desk at work... ok then, I'll go get it now :) enough rambling.

have a good one!

screen caps by me


  1. I LOVE THIS MOVIE. Just seeing the stills are making me crave......

  2. Uwielbiam ten film, widziałam go dwa razy, ale spokojnie mogłąbym znów go zobaczyć, kładąc nacisk na wyłapywanie przepisów na smakołyki, jakie robiła głowna bohaterka.

    PIękne zdjęcia, te wyzej, mgliste.

  3. i loved the book. it was so nice to see lena olin again on film. she's so good with robert redford in havana.