just a couple of photos shot from my balcony at home. using a cell phone, what a disgrace ;) but I quite like that hazy golden effect. anyway, they're here because they evoke good memories :)

I was catching the last rays of sun just after a big storm, a mug of hot chocolate in hand.

although it's been barely ten days since my return from home in Poland to london, this moment feels ages away.

my 1,5 month long stay at home helped me sort out many things, just like I hoped it would. first of all, it proved that indeed, I am not cut out for life in this, or any other country other than my own :)

a propos changing your life and moving closer to the nature... there's a wonderful book that takes me away form this grey city to a tiny village in the south of france. it's called "a table in the tarn: living, cooking and entertaining in south-west france" by orlando murrin.

it's not particularly new, but I'm a cook book junkie and have an urge to acquire as many as possible. and this one has been patiently awaiting its turn on the shelf :) although you might call it a cook book, there's so much more to it... in a nutshell, it's a tale of two englishmen leaving their busy lives in the city to open a guest-house in a tiny french village.

I'm a sucker for stories about escapes to the country, renovating old houses, gardens and cooking, so it's right up my alley. recommend it to everyone, incredibly warm and uplifting :)

back to revising. four exams to go! ahh.


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  2. oh gosh, the natural light in these pictures is just so beautiful

  3. Komórką. Z balkonu. Przepiękne. I jakie światło.
    Cook book junkie-coś o tym wiem;)
    A opis tej książki bardzo mi się podoba. Byłam w okolicach Tarn:) Więc tym bardziej:)

  4. what cellphone are you using? these took my breath away. all the best with exams. i just did one on tues. i go thru the hell on earth about twice every half a year. still a long way to go.

  5. Oh wow, you're talented! This is absolutely amazing.