I love not man the less, but Nature more.

"among all the complicated thoughts, there are moments when the sun shines right through my head and I feel good. present. lightness. energy. extreme minimalism."

(my loose translation of one of the posts from villk (aka ania pińkowska) )

my thoughts and feelings exactly.

this girl inspires me to no end lately. she's a gifted photographer with blue eyes that can stop you in your tracks. such a powerful combination of delicate femininity with wildness. talent and compassion. vibrant creativity, completely unpretentious.

especially recommended for my Polish readers, as the girl has a beautiful way with words - all of her posts are a joy to read!

if it sounds like I'm girl crushing, that's because I totally am :))


  1. Your blog is so wonderfully beautiful. Celestial, positive, light and airy, delicate, intelligible.

  2. The last shot is stunning. I love black and white photos.

  3. Wow, she is really gorgeous & her pictures are stunning! It's a shame I can't understand what she writes. =S

    Hugsies Ania!