just for me the church bells ring

just a quick note to let you know that these days you can see more of me on my tumblr.
it fits very well with my plan to spend less time in front of the computer + lets me sort out all the photos I've been saving for ages.

there's less daydreaming there, less words. I think I'm quite done with that.
therefore it might not be to the taste of those used to the blog...

in place of dreams - concrete actions.
bright reality, not soft hues of nostalgia.

I'm leaving you with the beautiful ania. better than the original?... I think so.



give me something real.

I don't want to listen to someone mourning the last episode of gossip girl or how their life is ending because they can't afford a chanel bag.

I don't want to hear about existential crises at 20 and feeling sorry for yourself.

I don't want small talk and worrying about anyone's opinion.

I don't want to waste time.

I need good, honest people. love and truth.

té chichi (via the drifter and the gypsy)


* * *


a light from the shadow shall spring

going home tomorrow after three months.

enjoy your easter, stay warm and remember:

"people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be"
abraham lincoln
p.s. lace and cake is now also available on tumblr ;)
p.p.s. willie harcourt-cooze is my hero.

ah, almost forgot: