what became of the likely lads?

spring has arrived - it's official :) meanwhile I'm stuck indoors with coursework and watching 'michelin stars - the madness of perfection'.

I dare to say that raspberries make me happier than chocolate. you just can't beat the exhilarating smell, vibrant colour and taste...

other thing that makes me happy is finally finding good bread in london - euphorium bakery is where it's at, and luckily it's just a quick walk away from my place.

+ I just discovered one of the most exciting things on tv. it combines my two favourites - science and the hamster - 'richard hammond's invisible worlds'. incredible, even if you're not the same as me - getting goosebumps from watching programmes about science... you can see it here.

last two - my own (I have a thing for photographing food and jewellery together), weheartit, beth retro


  1. These photos are absolutely beautiful. I haven't had raspberries in so long, I eagerly await for them to be in season once again.

  2. love the photographs! loooooooove raspberries!!! ;)

  3. I love raspberries!

    I cant wait for summer and fresh raspberries :) xx

  4. My little brother has me hooked on science shows. =) And those raspberries look delish!! Too bad I can't really find those down here...I can do with mangos. =)

  5. all of those raspberries make my mouth water. i could live off of fruit alone.

    they also make me yearn for summer weather ;)


    (love the lykke li greeting me on your page!)

  6. yummm raspberries! so happy spring is here!


  7. Love it :) it just makes me think of summer, especially as it hasn't stopped raining today!

  8. I'm in London right now! Hehe. It's such a great city. I really did not take advantage of my time here when I was studying here 3 years ago. Sad. Anyways love these raspberry photos. I love raspberries. I love berries in general. Whoa these photos are so dreamy! Thanks for making me crave fruit now :)

  9. I looove raspberries!!! So fresh and delicous! Your photos are beautiful:)