tell me no truth, if it is bad, there's enough in my life to make me so sad

what a mess of a day. mondays are meant to be rough, no? the following don't help: coming back home at midnight (lovely dinner though, no regrets) and deciding it's time to give 'californication' a go (it's right up my alley), conciously trying not to look at the clock and being surprised by the sound of the alarm going off at 7am. then spending 10hrs at work.

I was tagged by the weirdly like-minded bzu to list 7 things about myself. I could probably come up with some more exciting stuff if I weren't so spaced out right now, apologies :) here goes:

1. if I could study anything just for my own pleasure and satisfaction, it would be physics and astronomy. along with maths, they were my majors in school for 6 years and I often miss it now. I find this stuff mindblowing. there you have it, ladies and gentlemen, I'm a nerd.

2. one of my favourite flavour combinations is hard cheese and honey. it's an addiction. but then again I strongly believe that honey makes everything better - just beware of the nasty supermarket stuff. my grandpa is a beekeeper, so I consider myself a connoisseur ;)

3. one of the reasons why I went into banking is that I adore men in good suits. don't ask just how important a reason it was. so far I'm not complaining, it's all working out just as I hoped it would.

4. I really don't care for small talk and the ubiquitous here in the uk "how are you", which is followed by the obligatory mindless finethanksandyou?, before one even has a chance to think. I come from a country where when somebody asks how are you, it actually means they expect a more elaborate answer. if we don't care - we don't say anything.

5. call me paranoid, but I'm always looking out for potential thiefs/criminals/psychopaths/sources of danger. it's like I'm starring in my own action movie (preferrably as jack bauer's sidekick). case in point - when on the tube a while ago, I smelled rotten eggs and got off the train, because I remembered that's how hydrogen sulfide (a poisonous gas) smells like. most probably it was just some who had yet to discover the joys of comitting to a long-term relationship with soap and water, but you just n e v e r know.

6. I looove top gear (one of my two favourite shows on the tv, sitcoms excluded) and have an embarrassingly soft spot for the hamster. but then again I do have a track record of questionable celebrity crushes, gordon ramsay being one of them.

7. I have an unhealthy obsession with football. when my team is playing, I swear/cry/jump/scream, usually all at once. when my boys are not playing, I'm not too fussy - I'll basically watch anything (well, maybe apart from man utd, just can't stand these *****).

I know, I'm just such a girly girl. please be assured that the person writing this is the one behind 'lace and cake'.

now a little piece of magic. this is the stuff that dreams are made of (found via the one and only .la douleur exquise.)

make sure you can hear the music :)


  1. great post - i especially agree with pt. 4! i hated it when i lived in australia and you were always supposed to be 'fine' or 'good thanks'

  2. I loved this post, and I totally adore the bumper sticker! :)

  3. Punkt 4 bardzo mi się podoba.

  4. Awesome post. Love that quote pic.

  5. adore the post, i really like the 'fine' picture. im always telling my male friends that when a girl tells them that she's 'fine' that everything is not okay, she is not fine. everything is not fine.