it could be wrong, could be wrong, but it should've been right

hot summer days...

I must admit they're ususally so tempting when it's grey and rainy (like today) outside. in real life the summer heat is mostly uncomfortable.

now I'm catching up on 'three hungry boys' - brilliant thing on tv. it's about three guys who challenged hugh fearnley-whittingstall (of the river cottage) that they could spend a month living off the land. what you get is a lot of beautiful scottish landscapes, three scruffy-looking chaps (one of them, if I squint, reminds me of my biggest celebrity crush, so it's all good), spear fishing, mussel picking, wild swimming, survival and generally boys being boys.

screen caps by me from the trailer of "I am love"

and here's to my undying love affair with this city.


  1. I simply adore the London scene :D The sky is sobeautiful. Great photography!!! xx

  2. I too love the last photo.