for relaxing times, make it suntory time

it's not about the clothes here. it's about a combination of my favourite model and russia. hey presto, I'm buying whatever they're selling.

although I must say there's something rather delicious about natasha dressed in a tight floral print pencil skirt, denim bustier and heels, leaning on a volga.

now watching 'the chorus' for n-th time, such a beautiful movie, and jean-baptiste maunier has a face of an angel. the soundtrack is heartbreakingly genius, just have a listen - 'vois sur ton chemin' is goosebumps good. it was actually nominated to oscar in 2005 (I promptly checked who got the award, it was a song from 'motorcycle diaries'. what a joke). just please don't listen to beyonce's version ;) she butchered it beyond belief.

ps why didn't I know this was the finale of skins?... effy rocks and all, but cook made this show.


  1. Your blog is so inspirational and beautiful. What happened to the song from An Education? Hehe, it made me happy when I came on your blog page and it would start playing :)

  2. Wow, this post made me so homesick! I'm a Moscow born girl so my love for these pictures is a little biased :)

  3. love this vibe. very cool.

    xo Alison