I can't help but drink you up, cause you're my happy hour

  • warning - long one!
  • it's always good to get out of the house and break the weeekend gym/grocery shopping/studying in the library routine. sunday is a lovely day to spend some hard-earned cash.
  • oxford street on ANY day of the week is hell. crowds make me aggressive. that's why I usually stick to my favourite stores, which offer a more... civilised shopping experience.
  • I beyond despise topshop and whenever I want something, I'll just buy it online. too many people (who all look the same...) and somehow I usually get lost.
  • that living garden wall at anthropologie is just unreal. I spent a lot of time testing their fragrances and because one was particularly strong, I still smell like honey roasted almonds. hmm... I left with a beautiful white wine glass.
  • didn't find the nude platforms I wanted, so decided to cheer myself up with a cappuccino at nordic bakery, this place has such a great vibe and the coffee is really good.
  • after that pit stop, my shopping karma changed and I found a pretty ring, peach and blush scarf, nude bag and a cute notebook so that I can finally put all my recipes in one place. I'm really feeling all the nude and blush clothes + golden jewellery for this spring/summer.
  • then I decided the last day of the month was worth a spontaneous celebration, so I went to burlington arcade for some ladurée macaroons and they blew me away, as per usual. sinfully delicious.
  • the selection of preserves at fortnum & mason is mindblowing! (I realize I might be the only person who would use the words 'preserves' and 'mindblowing' in one sentence, but I've warned you, I'm a food nerd). strawberry+champagne, gooseberries+elderflower... yum yum.
  • 'jamie at home' series is so so brilliant :) his books are always a delight to read and look at, but there's nothing quite like seeing the man in action. the episode on onions made me laugh so hard I almost choked... see, jamie was chopping onions, tears streaming down his face, when he says "I've never done a recipe crying before... if you were sensible, you'd get a food processor with a slicing attachement. unless you want an excuse to cry, really... I mean, it's been a lovely day. (sniffing) you know, it really has been a lovely day, planting and doing my onion recipes... oh, god, it's emotional."
  • now what I'd really want to do is sit somewhere peaceful in the countryside in peak district, with some hot earl grey tea and just read keats, byron and shelley. but, tomorrow is monday and I'll be working. in a bank. the irony is killing me. (although I really, really love my job :))

  • "shed no tear! o shed no tear!

    the flower will bloom another year.

    weep no more! o weep no more!

    young buds sleep in the root's white core."

    john keats

    "faery songs", I (1818)

    some quick cell phone (while my nikon is gathering dust...) snaps of today's buys. I promise next post will be less words, more pretty pictures :)


    1. gorgeous <3
      can we go shopping together sometime?~

    2. Really, really adorable pictures... sheesh. Sweet, sweet, lovely! You've been on my blog roll for some time now but I just 'followed' you. :D

    3. i am so jealous of the laduree macarons and that scent wall at anthropologie, it's beautiful.

    4. fabulous pics... <3 Love Paris!

    5. i just discovered your blog and i adore it! I am definately going to click 'follow'! these photos are beautiful, i love the colours xx

    6. I'm starting to read some Keats now. I'm only a beginner. And wow you took these on your cell phone? They're great. :)

    7. masz w tle piosenke która niezmiennie wywoluje u mnie wzruszenie! przeklety chopin i przeklety 'pamietnik' ;)

    8. no ja nie mowie ze nude złe, bo moim oczom też sie podoba i ładnie w tymże nawet wyglądam, do locząt pasuje;)

    9. what a beautiful blog! :) xx


    10. Hi there!
      What a lovely blog you have!

      Have a great day
      Hugs Gunilla in Singapore

    11. aw these are just beautiful :)