everything's so fragile. don't you realize that?

since 'a single man' is coming out soon, some julianne moore pics from harper's bazaar way back when.

things on my mind lately... because bullet points are fun.

  • jimmy carr is hillarious and '8 out of 10 cats' is genius, check it out on 4od. remember when he appeared on johnathan ross?

wossy: I'm finding your boots a little bit disturbing.

jimmy: what's wrong with my boots?

wossy: because they're like a lady's boots. these are the sort of boots that kim catrall would wear on 'sex and the city'.

jimmy: well, yeah, I bought them off her.

wossy: and once again, you're wearing jeans in a way which is unconvincing.

jimmy: how am I wearing jeans in an unconvincing way?! just 'cause you're normally dressed as willy wonka...

wossy: you look like a vicar trying to dress casual to impress the teenagers.

jimmy: I object. I think I look like an undercover cop at glastonbury.

  • sorry, couldn't resist! oh, and check this one (+ part II) while you're at it. I think I laughed at it for a month. they're both on fire.
  • scandinavia is my promised land.
  • london at night looks like a scene out of jack the ripper movie. creepy and beautiful.
  • nordic bakery has the coolest vibe and great coffee (don't even get me started on the cinnamon buns).
  • new issue of 'pop' is fantastic (surprise, surprise).


  1. i don't normally like Jimmy Carr on his own, but when he's bouncing off other people he can be genius :)

    beautiful photos, Julianne Moore looks like she could be right out of another era.


  2. Hey, long time not coming to your blog. Just reading it and yes, it's beautiful as always.


  3. She is so beautiful!
    ps: I like your lovely blog! :)

  4. i just saw A Single Man...it was so heartbreakingly beautiful. and julianne moore is insane in it...so good! my goal is to finally master the 60's heavy eyeliner look. up until now i've always made a mess. i must master it!

  5. Julianna Moore is gorgeous. I love this shoot. I just made a formspring too. :)