I can't help but drink you up, cause you're my happy hour

  • warning - long one!
  • it's always good to get out of the house and break the weeekend gym/grocery shopping/studying in the library routine. sunday is a lovely day to spend some hard-earned cash.
  • oxford street on ANY day of the week is hell. crowds make me aggressive. that's why I usually stick to my favourite stores, which offer a more... civilised shopping experience.
  • I beyond despise topshop and whenever I want something, I'll just buy it online. too many people (who all look the same...) and somehow I usually get lost.
  • that living garden wall at anthropologie is just unreal. I spent a lot of time testing their fragrances and because one was particularly strong, I still smell like honey roasted almonds. hmm... I left with a beautiful white wine glass.
  • didn't find the nude platforms I wanted, so decided to cheer myself up with a cappuccino at nordic bakery, this place has such a great vibe and the coffee is really good.
  • after that pit stop, my shopping karma changed and I found a pretty ring, peach and blush scarf, nude bag and a cute notebook so that I can finally put all my recipes in one place. I'm really feeling all the nude and blush clothes + golden jewellery for this spring/summer.
  • then I decided the last day of the month was worth a spontaneous celebration, so I went to burlington arcade for some ladurée macaroons and they blew me away, as per usual. sinfully delicious.
  • the selection of preserves at fortnum & mason is mindblowing! (I realize I might be the only person who would use the words 'preserves' and 'mindblowing' in one sentence, but I've warned you, I'm a food nerd). strawberry+champagne, gooseberries+elderflower... yum yum.
  • 'jamie at home' series is so so brilliant :) his books are always a delight to read and look at, but there's nothing quite like seeing the man in action. the episode on onions made me laugh so hard I almost choked... see, jamie was chopping onions, tears streaming down his face, when he says "I've never done a recipe crying before... if you were sensible, you'd get a food processor with a slicing attachement. unless you want an excuse to cry, really... I mean, it's been a lovely day. (sniffing) you know, it really has been a lovely day, planting and doing my onion recipes... oh, god, it's emotional."
  • now what I'd really want to do is sit somewhere peaceful in the countryside in peak district, with some hot earl grey tea and just read keats, byron and shelley. but, tomorrow is monday and I'll be working. in a bank. the irony is killing me. (although I really, really love my job :))

  • "shed no tear! o shed no tear!

    the flower will bloom another year.

    weep no more! o weep no more!

    young buds sleep in the root's white core."

    john keats

    "faery songs", I (1818)

    some quick cell phone (while my nikon is gathering dust...) snaps of today's buys. I promise next post will be less words, more pretty pictures :)


    трудно высказать и не высказать всё, что на сердце у меня

    by now probably most of you have already seen an education, but I only watched it yesterday.
    the story line resonates with me deeply and let's just say that peter sarsgaard is ridiculously dreamy here (who knew he got it in him?).
    the visual side of the movie is just as splendid.

    screencaps by me


    let me tell you how it will be

    because early mornings are beautiful again, with sun shining and sky in a rosy/golden hue.
    my 'jamie at home' complete series dvd just came in :) too tired to type now...



    dulce de leche

    waiting for spring.
    damn you cold and rainy london weather! but I can feel the good days coming, hold on.
    also, tonight I had the most vivid dream about being in nyc. I remember actually thinking: "well, this looks pretty real for a dream".
    some photos from home and other.

    "thousands of years ago, cats were worshipped as gods. they have never forgotten this."

    I'll see you on the other side, my love.

    photos: 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th - my own; lisaplace; weheartit, all edited using poladroid


    du rubbar hela min existens

    just one photo, but really special.

    I like an early start on saturdays. cappuccino at a coffee shop + reading vanity fair. lazy grocery shopping, then flipping through cookbooks - they're my kind of poetry. cardamon buns, apple triffle, lemon mousse. this reminds me of the episode of satc when carrie tells aleksandr 'can I read you a little bit of my favourite poetry?...'

    I recently bought 'the scandinavian cookbook' by trina hahnemann and it is freaking gorgeous.

    also, I just made a fab lunch of traditional polish dishes. all by myself. this makes me feel like I can do anything ;) (btw, remember the episode of friends when rachel says that if she can do her own laundry she can do anything?... no?... just me, then? the moral of the story is that I probably watch too many tv shows).

    andrew clough via my absolutely favourite la douleur exquise


    do you think she knows she sounds filthy half the time?

    you know how when the right song starts to play on your mp3 it can make your day? well, funny thing is that almost every time I cross tower bridge on my way to work in the morning, 'greatest day' starts playing. yeah, I know it's a cheesy song, but there's something about the moment when they sing 'and the world comes alive', the view across thames and how the sunlight hits the river and it sparkles so beautifully... magic. it's all about little stuff like this.


    everything's so fragile. don't you realize that?

    since 'a single man' is coming out soon, some julianne moore pics from harper's bazaar way back when.

    things on my mind lately... because bullet points are fun.

    • jimmy carr is hillarious and '8 out of 10 cats' is genius, check it out on 4od. remember when he appeared on johnathan ross?

    wossy: I'm finding your boots a little bit disturbing.

    jimmy: what's wrong with my boots?

    wossy: because they're like a lady's boots. these are the sort of boots that kim catrall would wear on 'sex and the city'.

    jimmy: well, yeah, I bought them off her.

    wossy: and once again, you're wearing jeans in a way which is unconvincing.

    jimmy: how am I wearing jeans in an unconvincing way?! just 'cause you're normally dressed as willy wonka...

    wossy: you look like a vicar trying to dress casual to impress the teenagers.

    jimmy: I object. I think I look like an undercover cop at glastonbury.

    • sorry, couldn't resist! oh, and check this one (+ part II) while you're at it. I think I laughed at it for a month. they're both on fire.
    • scandinavia is my promised land.
    • london at night looks like a scene out of jack the ripper movie. creepy and beautiful.
    • nordic bakery has the coolest vibe and great coffee (don't even get me started on the cinnamon buns).
    • new issue of 'pop' is fantastic (surprise, surprise).