little by little, one travels far

spreading a little more london love... I find these incredible. the traffic used to be absolute madness those days!
that reminds me I still need to check out the "points of view: capturing the 19th century in photographs" exhibition - apparently it's very very good.
now it's time for a berry smoothie, then off to writing an essay while watching jamie's american road trip - it's the best of both worlds, adorable essex boy jamie and my beloved us of a...

and jamie mag is out today! brilliant as ever. ok, enough :)


I'm officially off the rails. you should try it.

something sweet and optimistic to get us through january - my least favourite month.
I've been very busy - studying full time and working 2 1/2 days a week is quite a challenge... but I love my job :)

in the meantime:

  • saw "the road" two days ago. not quite sure what I think about it yet. the best word to describe it is haunting. but I worship viggo, so it was an absolute must-see.
  • skins are coming back today! I'm more excited than I should be. am I too old for this?...
  • why did they stop selling harry potter candy? I remember a few years ago you could get chocolate frogs and bertie bott's evey flavour beans and now they're gone. such a shame. I'm waiting for holidays and plan to read all the books again. I'm extremely obsessed with hp, don't judge.
update: they've used mumford & sons' song on skins! brilliant choice.

photos mostly from weheartit, can't remember others for the life of me. please comment if you know.


deep roots are not reached by the frost

so I'm back in london, after almost a month home. it's all about exams right now, everything's hectic and just kind of blah. but we'll manage.
I spent almost a whole day in the library, studying, and trust me - it's not a place I want to spend my time in unless I absolutely have to.

these two photos below make me think of the first days of spring, when there are bits of snow on the ground, but you can see some spots of green. it's still chilly, but the air smells like promises of warmer days to come. I'm going back home in time for spring - 81 days to go, not that anyone's counting... ;)

these, for some reason, make me want to go to kew gardens or chelsea physic garden.

and these are simply beautiful.

wendy bevan

faithless is he that says farewell when the road darkens

these amused me. cheeky.

check out the link below, there's plenty more where these came from.