to czas przebudzenia, zmiana pola widzenia

today was a good day, I finally made it to the slope after a year-long break from skiing. it was so beauitiful, frosty air, icy blue sky and mist coming down from the mountains. I feel totally in my element on the slope.

anyway, I'm finally home for a bit, after truly terrible two days of journey. it included cancelled flights, going to different airports, massive delays, missing connecting flights by 10min, freezing while wating for transport to the hotel on a cold night in munich, more dalays, etc etc. they say in such circumstances acceptance is the only path to serenity, but it's easier said than done.
one positive aspect of this miserable munich layover was coming to the conclusion that german men are quite possibly the most handsome. this is what I have suspected for a long time now, but it never hurts to update your research. still true.

in an effort not to write about dear jamie o. in every post, I will not mention that I'm rewatching 'jamie at home' dvds and they're still beautifully inspiring. instead, I will tell you that I saw inception the other day and how underwhelming I found it. I can't help feeling that they had a great concept, but somehow the execution could do with more sophistication, it somehow lacked that mad touch of genius. with such a fascinating idea they could have really created a total mindfuck, pardon my french, but what we actually get is another action movie with clever bits. also, I would have changed most of the cast, but that's another issue.

speaking of mindfucks, I'm going to catch up on misfits. have a brilliant sunday! I think these go well together. winter breakfast and frosty glasgow.

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in my head, you're already mine

things I have been enjoying lately:

  • sunny winter days in londontown (if only it wasn't so bloody cold!)
  • ladurée macarons in salted caramel. I die a little with each bite.
  • 'the flavour thesaurus' by niki segnit aka 'the book I wish I had written myself'.
  • work (yes, it's possible!)
  • 'country living' magazine aka my porn.
  • jamie at home, christmas special (old but still good. if only for jamie's laughing fit in the final scene).
  • chickpea sauté from 'plenty' by yotam ottolenghi + cooking with the seasons (kale, brussel sprouts, yumm).
  • period tv dramas - all the jane austen classics + the unbelievably beautiful 'downton abbey' (mourning the end of the season...). you can say many things about the Brits, but boy do they know their period drama. the interiors, the music, the landscapes, the dialogues, the acting, and have I mentioned the interiors? (they may also be the only ones who can make great rom-coms).
and now I realise that almost all of my posts revolve around food and/or jamie oliver...

now a big winter post, here's to silent white winter mornings, sparkling snow, morning walks through the countryside and cozy early afternoons of curling in front of a fireplace with a mug of tea and a piece of cake.

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I love the sound of you walking away

some things I've been enjoying lately:
  • many good books, including: 'everything is illuminated' and 'extremely loud & incredibly close' by jonathan safran foer, 'cosmos' by carl sagan, 'rifke. an improbable life' by rosalie wise sharp.
  • so happy that my favourite contestant in Poland's Got Talent got through yesterday. his voice is like a golden afternoon at the beach, a melting chocolate fondant, sipping baileys on a winter day curled up in front of the fireplace, like everything's gonna be alright no matter what. god, I sound like a crazy groupie. check out his first performace here and the one from yesterday's semi-finals here.
  • crisp and sunny almost-winter days in the square mile, the buzz and energy is palpable.
  • alex kapranos sounds especially good in november, tried and tested over the years.
  • as always, self-promotion time - since I often abandon this place, you can find me at nonchalance almost every day. I've just installed an elegant new theme that supports large format photos, so I'm pretty smitten with that space.
  • last but not least, here's to someone who doesn't have my issues with irregular blogging - check out this male fashion blog run by Lucas from sweden.

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berlin, I love you, I'm starting to fade.

I'm very productive in terms of cooking these days, yesterday was wonderfully oozy and creamy wild mushroom risotto and today a lovely fresh greek salad, which was preceeded by a royal breakfast of omelette with truffles. the last two were courtesy of my favourite jamie's books - "jamie does...". it's so inspiring and cheerful, just like everything that jamie touches. his brand of cooking is the closest to my heart. sure, I like to challenge myself with an elaborate recipe every once in a while, preferably when I'm at home - spacious, light-filled kitchen with picturesque bucolic scenery outside the windows is much more suited to those kind of pursuits than the "kitchen" in my shoebox-y london flat ;) jamie's style can be desribed in the same way he talks about the aforementioned greek salad - "confident and scruffy with a bit of attitude". it's right up my alley, considering my inherent dislike for strict recipes and measurements.

anyway, I have a tv show recommendation today - "downton abbey", a "lavish period drama" set in berkshire in 1910s. nothing much ever happens and yet it is so addictive...
also, I have finished "everything is illuminated" by jonathan safran foer yesterday at 2am (just couldn't put it down!) and I must say this was probably one of the three best books I have ever read. I don't recall any other book that literally left me in pieces after such a shattering climax. at the same time, no other book made me laugh out loud like a maniac so many times either. genius, is all I say.

(if you want something lighter, why not try a new "reality" show on itv - "the only way is essex". the definition of a guilty pleasure, but sometimes after a day of working, studying and lectures I'm so brain dead I can't digest anything else ;) anyone else watching this?...)

the photos come from an interior design site freunde von freunden, publishing pictures of the houses of hip berliners. airy, clean, filled with light. very inspiring, I think.

p.s. I found out about this website via capture the castle.