you turn my legs to spaghetti and set my heart on fire

big post for you, inspired by fall - pumpkin orange, warm chocolate brown, apples... put together while sorting my files. it also made me realize I've got a fantastic winter-themed foodie post in store for you. let's just wait for the weather to cool down a bit more! (although I must admit I'm already listening to christmas songs and dreaming of my mum's special cake, which she only prepares once a year...)


to wciąż za mało, moje serce, żeby żyć

btw, sorry for being mia - swamped with coursework. thank god I have my job to keep me sane. uni sucks, big time.
can't wait for christmas holiday...


I guess it's half timing and the other half's luck

one can never have too many macarons. what's your favourite flavour?
I urge every macaron virgin to try - it will change your life :)


promises of the days to come

because sometimes on a cloudy, cold saturday all you need is lace and cake. frills, bows and a box of macarons.


personal logic

so there is a new cool thing called wordle that I discovered thanks to annie. it's a perfect procrastination tool for someone who, like me, is obsessed with words and lists.

below is a word cloud with my most favourite things, things that are, well, me. that make other people think of me, because they know how much I love them.

now listening: bullets - archive


it comes with a price

missing the late summer evenings at my home in the countryside. last rays of golden sun, smell of wet grass and hay... homesick already? nah, just a tiny bit.

the jewels of new york

more food porn... enjoy the beautiful photography and delicious recipes from two adorable girls based in brooklyn. for the lucky ones living in ny, they sell the prettiest cookies online...

jewels of ny


he tasted like chocolate and lemons

smitten with these soft pictures. perfect for a lazy rainy london afternoon, while I'm studying, scrapbooking and watching a marathon of 30 rock.