listen to the girl as she takes on half the world

source: dripbook
the editorial to go with the song here. there's more where these came from, so stay tuned.
it's good to be home...


only the tamed birds long the wild fly

flying back home tonight. cab at 3am.

seeing my homeland from the plane window is one of the best moments ever. I love this country so much it's ridiculous, never thought that moving to the uk would make me miss it so terribly.

who knew.

all photos by lina sheynius


keep the wind at your back and the sun on your face

ryan aylsworth

I hope I'm not too old for lolita style sunglasses.
random story: my middle name used to be lolita - it was chosen by my godfather, who was 20 at the time. my parents were 21, so they didn't really object (actually it was a toss between lolita and mercedes...). when I was about to go to school, mom and dad decided the name was a bit too controversial, so they changed it. little did they know that the paperwork somehow got lost and it was only two years ago, when I was getting a new passport in the city hall, that I found out I was officially still named anna lolita ;P so perhaps I have a permission to wear those shades anyway.
update: I was going back home from lunch, texting somebody, when I looked up and saw a familiar face. in my head I was going through my to-do list for this afternoon, so I didn't really pay attention to the world around me, as usual, and just for a split second I thought to myself: "oh, that's lara stone". then I processed it properly and took a better look at the girl and I'm 99% sure it was in fact her :) maybe my neighbourhood is not so lame after all.


where they went to be alone

summer evening, sitting on the grass, sun begins to set, it gets chilly and the air is humid...
my track for these summer evenings/nights: air - empty house
(that's probably because I watched virgin suicides for the first time on one of those summer
evenings last year and I will forever associate this movie with summer. the final party scene and this music still gives me goosebumps).
I've been back in london town since sunday, but life's pretty hectic - closing the deal on summer internship, revision week at uni, etc etc. I have all these incredible ideas for posts but somehow lack the energy to even pick up the camera ;) good thing it's sunny and warm enough to switch to iced lattes at starbucks (it's pretty much the highlight of my day). anyhow, thank god I'm going back home on sunday to enjoy all the simple pleasures in life (in between studying to my exams, that is).
side note: I finally watched changeling today, recommend it to anyone who hasn't yet - great movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout. even though I don't think much of angelina as an actress, clint eastwood's brilliant directing skills and john malkovich's performance more than make up for it.

nicole corbett


they said you were hot stuff

the ocean, cloudy day at the beach, piles of golden bangles, tan, sensual, messy wet hair, carefree dressing, lightweight fabrics, palm trees

in keeping with the summer overload here, this is the ultimate summer video (as posted by rumi a long while ago)

posting will be sporadic at best, as I'm enjoying my break at home in the countryside, where days are filled with sun and strawberry smoothies + since last night I'm on a natural high after my football team's brilliant performance (I guess this is seriously off-topic, but since football is even more important to me than fashion, I just had to mention it :))
edit: by "my football team" I obviously mean the club I support. I myself suck at football but the few times I played it during p.e. at school, it was awesome. although girls foul a lot more than guys. usually most of us were severely bruised by the end, and a few were bleeding.


summer's comin'...

... and this one's gonna be a scorcher

elias tahan
my homeland greeted me with very warm, sunny weather; it inspired today's post.
I've seen some of these photographs on other blogs, but they're just so beautiful. they remind me of those unbearably hot summer days, when it's too hot to think... and in the late afternoon, after you've spent a day on the beach, your skin smells of sun, salty breeze, sea water, sand. if only someone could bottle that scent, I'd wear it everyday.


where everybody knows your name

some pretty pictures for you today.

meanwhile, I'm trying to squeeze all my stuff in a suitcase and debating whether to try and get a few hours sleep or not - I'm catching a 6am flight home! after 3 months of waiting and missing family/cat/dog/house/food/sooo much more, I'm finally going back for my school break.
no words to describe my happiness :)

can't get out of my head: the bird and the bee - love letter to japan

camilla akrans, jane mcleish kelsey


I've got the world on a string

because I miss scarlett as a blonde and a little glamour never hurt anyone.
ps I'm buried under a pile of coursework, hence the sporadic posting, but I can already see the finishing line!

craig mcdean for us vogue