we only said goodbye with words

some vintage vogue today. no energy to write anything that makes sense - just got back from a job interview, decided to walk there and wear high high heels. sweet mother of god, my feet are killing me now. at least I got the job ;)

john rawling's photography


it's useful being top banana in the shock department

I'm procrastinating in style, my first time watching tiffany's. a couple of style highlights: holly drinking milk from a cocktail glass, simple black ballet flats with a bathrobe, huge sunglasses, keeping pink satin ballet flats in a fridge, costume jewelry, mirror, lipstick and perfume in holly's mailbox, danish and coffee for breakfast... and the final kiss scene, just because the poor cat squeezed between paul and holly looked hilarious.
anyway, I had lunch at carluccio's today and ate great spinach and ricotta ravioli, served with butter and sage, with some delicious starters before that - caprese, focaccia bread (my guilty pleasure), grissini with parma ham, the usual. it reminded me what really counts in life and it's definitely not the report on one of the investment banks that's due on monday ;)


rural britannia

editorial from tatler (sep'08 issue), photographed by one of my very favourites - marcin tyszka . reminds me of the burberry campaign (6th picture)...
some of those photos have been a base for the massive collage I have on the wall in my room, I started with 3 pictures and then gradually added more. should be "fun" taking it all off the wall when I'll be moving out in the summer...
anyway, speaking of all things british, I read the interview with luella bartley in the latest issue of lula and she mentioned what inspired her s/s09 collection: "alice in wonderland, garden parties, royalty, aristocracy and englishness". there, my look for this spring.


the best is yet to come

5th picture from fashiontoast, 7th from thecobrasnake, no idea about the rest...
apparently spring is here- I wouldn't know, got so much to do and so little time. words of wisdom - don't leave things until the last minute...
some random pictures that have one thing in common - that pretty honey gold light of a spring/summer late afternoon.