you make me forget myself

I blame the suddenly chilly weather in london for the change of mood here. maybe the blog's name should be changed to leather and cake, or at least black lace and cake...

anyway, I'm just settling back into my life here - the second year of uni has started and it all looks far more promising than last year. still a billion of things to get done. like some more grocery shopping - just came back with the coolest pepper and salt grinders from jamie oliver and pots with parsley and basil for my window sill. there you have it - I'm a complete food nerd...
also, who knew my corner indian shop would stock russh and all the other cool mags. and at hmv you can get a cute box of dvds with all satc seasons for just 50 quid!
I guess I missed london a bit...

song for today - "perfect day" lou reed

the cherry blossom girl

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