and turn the white snow red as strawberries in the summertime

I know, I know - everyone and their mother has already seen these (maybe you haven't seen the video though ;), but I just wanted them on my blog.
burberry + emma = perfection in my book. and even though I'm still yet to have my holidays this year, these shots already got me excited for chilly winter days in london.
meanwhile, I saw the 'baroque' exhibition at v&a -pretty amazing, and if you decide to visit - don't miss the cast courts collection - mindblowing.

+ if you ever find yourself somewhere near to the tower bridge and fancy some authentic sicilian treats, be sure to pop into the caffè deli paradiso in shad thames. the ice cream is to die for and it's the only place apart from sicily that I've been able to eat a real cannoli. there's also lots of savouries - arancine, focaccia filled with mozzarella, all absolutely delicious. and they do take away too...

ok, that's it for the little black book of london feature ;)

+my current obsession

(I'm working on an extremely picture-heavy post, but it requires a bit of time, so bear with me)


do the bad thing, take off your wedding ring

this is to confirm that the rumours of my death have been greatly exaggerated, I've just been so busy with real life and my blog pays the price. am writing this in a rare spare moment before I rush to meet with my mom in south ken (planning on checking out the hummingbird bakery, about time!).

so before I put together a decent post for you, pause the music on the left and enjoy this one - the video is amazingly beautiful, methinks. have a great weekend!