I doubt it's your style not to get what you set out to acquire

what a week! went seriously mia, because real life is so incredibly good to me right now. chilled weekend. glorious sunday - champagne+strawberries, lunch at dim t (veggie spring rolls, grilled gyoza, chicken yakitori and shanghai lemon chicken - all scrumptious), chocolate and vanilla icecream from a van consumed while sitting on the grass with a view of the tower of london.

then the week began - turned into a little workaholic in the meantime, but I'm loving every second of it. and here we are - another weekend!

anyway, I've been tagged by georgiana - go check out her blog now - it's so beautiful.

+ thank you all for the sweetest comments - you make my day!

what is your current obsession?

double espresso without sugar (it's my afternoon poison), new season of weeds (beyond amazing), post-its, workwear, belvoir elderflower pressé, my job, this song, london, coco mademoiselle (I'm thinking of switching my signature scent, givenchy ange ou demon seems too much for summer), hugh laurie

what are you wearing today?

fitted lbd, black silk cardigan, black snake skin heels, matthew williamson triple pendant necklace (couldn't resist the sale on net-a-porter...)

what's for dinner?

um... espresso I had at work?... left late and I'm not really hungry

what would you eat for your last meal?

a feast of traditional Polish meals. sorry - they're all hard to explain ;) let me just tell you there'd be a lot of meat involved. I'd finish it off with my grandma's cheesecake. this one's also hard to explain - I've never came across this cake anywhere apart from my home. I'll post a picture sometime - it's most probably gonna be waiting for me when I come home in august.

what's the last thing you bought?

double espresso and belvoir organic hand-made lemonade. oh, and a corkscrew.

what are you listening to right now?

jonathan ross (matthew fox is tonight on the show! yumm...). this one. then - friends, s06e04. that show is always on in the background, I know all the lines by heart and when one of them pops into my head in the middle of the day, I just burst into laughter. it happened today at work, so I had to watch the episode it comes from ;)

what do you think of the person who tagged you?

her blog is simply amazing and I love how many things we've got in common

if you could have a house totally paid for, fully furnished, anywhere in the world, where would you like it to be?

now I could really use a spacious apartment in london in my beloved south ken

if you could go anywhere in the world for the next hour, where would you go?

home. to my precious house in the countryside. smell the summer in the night air while standing on my balcony, gazing at the starry sky. cuddle with my dog. hold my cat's head while he's sleeping on my lap. gossip with my mom while we're both crushing on gordon (ramsay!). make stupid jokes with dad. wake up late, eat breakfast on the sunny terrace. wonder what to do with the rest of the day. ok, dream over, we're still in london! :)

which language do you want to learn?


what's your favourite quote (for now)?
"well... who wouldn't?" (sorry, it's sort of an inside joke just for me)

what is your favourite colour?

all shades of pink and forest green

what is your favourite piece of clothing in your own wardrobe?

off the top of my head - the dress I wore today

what is your dream job?

football journalist (see the tag a couple posts below for explanation)

describe your personal style?

confident, feminine and clean.

what is your favourite tree?

birch. blossoming apple trees.

what are you going to do after this?

take a shower. watch some house. catch up on sleep after an intense week.

what is your favourite fruit?


what inspires you?

films. images in my head. starry skies. dreams. smell of air.

your favourite books?

kitchen by yoshimoto banana. all by gabriel garcia marquez and john irving. fancy coffee table books. pokalanie by piotr czerwiński.

what are you currently reading?

sort of a guide to undiscovered rural retreats in Poland, it can be loosely translated as "off the beaten track".

what song would you like played at your funeral?

I actually thought about it a lot some time ago and I don't remember what I came up with. possibly it was "my way", but it's so cliché...

what delighted you the most today?

friday. parcel from home. smiles from strangers on the street. being recognized for my work. good chat with friends at work. beautiful sky just before it started to rain. good hair day. hillarious episodes of house. sorry, I'm just so easy to please! um, that sounded better in my head ;)

by what criteria do you judge a person?

by their sense of humour. and looks, at first.

are you artistic or crafty ? how does your passion show up in your life?

I draw a lot, with pencils and charcoal and love making collages, usually based around one colour. + scrapbooking, obviously.

with which historical figure do you most identify and why?

tough one! there are many that I admire, but don't necessarily identify with them. for now I'll say cleopatra, but I'm so beat - let me get back to you on this one.

I know I'm supposed to tag somebody, but I'm lazy and tired, so if anyone's up for some procrastinating - consider yourself tagged.

now for the pictures... a tad more autumn than summer, but let's mix it up a little over here.

igor termenon

+ shall we make it a permanent feature? because london I just love you so


  1. stop making me jealous that I don't live in London! pictures are so dreamy, love that you picked something slightly more suited to Autumn for those of us living in the Southern Hemisphere right now! xoxo

  2. great questions! nice to get to know you a bit more. and lovely photos, as usual!

  3. Well you certainly made me hungry with those first couple of lines! Champagne and strawberries sounds delicious as does that lunch. I absolutely love what you would do if you could do anything for an hour. Your home just sounds too too lovely. The description made me happy just thinking about that. And yayyy for scrapbooking :)

  4. mmm, the sweater in that first photo is gorgeous. and all the food you've been eating sounds so yummy! I think living a real life is the best excuse for blog neglect, don't you?

  5. Lovely photos!
    I'm currently obsessed with London too.
    ps: don't worry I'll be posting my outfit as soon as my friend sends me the pictures!

  6. I enjoyed reading this. Great answers. Gorgeous pics too!:)


  7. i always wanteed to try polish food

    thank youso much for the comment

  8. i love all of the pictures, they're so pretty! also you answers are great. i like that your style is "confident" thats a great response! xo

  9. lovely pictures !

    Signed, your new bloglovin' follower :)

  10. brianstorm lyrics as the title, love it .
    strawberries + champagne + organic belvoir hand-made lemonade :]

  11. espresso for dinner?

    maybe better veggie spring rolls. ;)

  12. great tag! i love watermelons too :)

    ps, your blog is so lovely, would love to exchange links if you're interested? :)

  13. Cool site some really good things on here, will be keeping on eye for future posts :) good work


  14. tough questions!

    I love all the pictures you posted, i saved a few

  15. HI there first time checking out your blog and love how pretty it is. I am also totally obsessed with friends, i have it on the background in my bedroom all the time and know all the words too!! anyways love your blog very inspiring and very jelous you live in London!
    Much love from Ireland xx
    you can check me out @ magpie-girl.blogspot.com

  16. Lovely photos and you seem like a very interesting person :)
    I love london as well :)


  17. wow genialna ta sesja! bardzo mi się podoba ;-)

  18. Hi Ania!
    Thanks for visit my blog and comment ;)
    I love your blog is beauty and inspirational ;) I usually check it!
    And thanks for the info of the polaroids, I will visit the photographer!
    Keep in touch!


  19. it's such a pleasure to visit your blog! good music, beautiful photos, great insight! thanks :)

  20. I'm agree with Alyssa's comment's and thanks for you message!

  21. What interesting questions. I like how you evaluate people, sense of humor is majorly important but so is how someone presents themselves. I think it can tell you a lot about a person.

  22. well, you're welcome ! also, You have to see Pretty in pink!
    I want to go in london. The pictures are wonderful. I agree with Kandace.
    God, I love your blog. It is so cute.

  23. your blog is so lovely :)


  24. Now I added you to my links. I hope you don´t bother!


  25. I adore the photo where the girl holds branches beside her head and pretends they're antlers...
    The questions were very different than the ones I've seen in the other tags, and it was nice to read your answers to them :)

  26. The first sweater! Ah! I love. The colours, the patterns. Her red hair ties it all up together.

  27. you got one perfect little blog here! i'm so glad i found it.

  28. the fact that you want to be a football journalist is amazing.

    lovely answers!

    and you make me wish that it was autumn! the second sweater with the wolf is what i want right about now. and her "antlers" in the last photo are wonderful.


  29. wow these are wonderful pictures..the first one has to be my favourite adore her fur hat x


  30. Nice pictures. Love the first one.

  31. love the war paint..it needs to become mainstream i think :)