and that's just the way it is

I know, I know - I've been mia for a while - but having exams + starting a full time job don't leave me much time for blogging! I wake up, rush through the morning routine wondering how come no matter what time I get up I'll always manage to be late, blend in the crowd of fellow bankers as I run to work through the city and then suddenly I get home at 7pm realising I have an exam tomorrow morning. and a day after that, too, to make things more exciting for me.

rant over ;) the job is so far pretty good, it's just the uni that's killing me. I promise some great stuff in the not-so-distant future, though.

and because I won't leave you without a pretty picture, here's one (sorry, no time to even upload more!)

don't you just love this shot? or maybe I'm biased...

mary mccartney (yes, that's stella's sister!)


  1. that shot is sexy. yum! whats your new job about?

    and by the way, i just linked you in my inspiration/design section :)

  2. great to know all the updates from you again dear :)

    enjoy your day.xx

  3. I completely understand how a job leaves little time for blogging :( sad because your posts are great!!

    I'm not a big Jude fan (prob because of the nanny thing hehe) but that IS a great shot. =)


  4. YAY! i'm seeing him in Hamlet in July. he's very beautiful, and so is your blog! x

  5. Yummy picture. I love the blur in the background.
    Good luck with your exams!! I'm excited for the not-so-distant future :)

  6. It is a great picture, and I love Mary's work! Cute blog xoxo

  7. aww, Jude!
    good luck with your exams, i´m in the same boat now:)

  8. lovely photos... i really like them! (:

  9. Good luck on your exam and job!
    Nice photo! i love them!

  10. ooh celebrity siblings, i am such a sucker for that stuff xx