I know a boy with eyes like the north sea and a voice that melts my brain

what a hectic week! it ain't easy to focus on the job when you live on 4hrs of sleep every day... and there's something else that distracts me oh so very much, but we're gonna keep it light here ;)

+ my new obsession. a few days ago the original started playing in my head (no idea why), so after I identified the tune, I rediscovered this cover. not everyone's cup of tea, but I love it to bits.

anyway... summer in the city:

anna wolf


baby it's a new age, you're like my new craze

I had a perfect day today - much appreciated after all the drama of this week. I met up with my family and friends for a long lunch, preceded with champagne + strawberries at my uncle's flat - sort of our tradition ;) weather is beautiful right now in london, almost no clouds in the sky and very very warm.

we went to strada restaurant in more london - one of my favourite areas here - they always have the best lounge music and amazing views of tower bridge, tower of london and the city skyline. and because now I'd like you to drool all over your keyboards, I must mention that I've had bruschetta with warm caramelised pepper and onion peperonata, crumbled goats cheese and fresh basil for starter and then scallops on a risotto of leeks, pancetta, lemon zest, chilli and basil. it sounds so beautiful, no? and sorry, but no pictures of the feast - by the time we got to the restaurant I was already a bit tipsy and didn't want to put my nikon at risk ;)

anyway... lots of summery pictures for you here to make up for my absence. a wee bit nsfw, but surely we've all seen worse, eh?

jonathan leder


and that's just the way it is

I know, I know - I've been mia for a while - but having exams + starting a full time job don't leave me much time for blogging! I wake up, rush through the morning routine wondering how come no matter what time I get up I'll always manage to be late, blend in the crowd of fellow bankers as I run to work through the city and then suddenly I get home at 7pm realising I have an exam tomorrow morning. and a day after that, too, to make things more exciting for me.

rant over ;) the job is so far pretty good, it's just the uni that's killing me. I promise some great stuff in the not-so-distant future, though.

and because I won't leave you without a pretty picture, here's one (sorry, no time to even upload more!)

don't you just love this shot? or maybe I'm biased...

mary mccartney (yes, that's stella's sister!)


looking forward

my first tag! (ok, that's a lie but I've been too lazy to do the other ones) from the lovely nora.

[1] what are your current obsessions?

trying to get my head around what happened at stamford bridge last wednesday (don’t even ask if you don’t want an angry rant full of f-words), nude nails, getting back in shape, my favourite sports commentator’s 2hr long programme, ‘bullets’ by archive, earl grey tea, feminine shapes and clothes, body shop ‘vitamin e’ face mist, pastels, planning my holidays in august
[2] what is your weirdest obsession?

I have a mild case of ocd, so a list of those could go a long way... I wish I could say it’s a quirky thing that makes me more interesting, but as anyone who struggles with this knows – it’s just exhausting and annoying.
[3] what are you wearing today?

a striped grey shirt dress from h&m, opaque tights, a couple of cocktail rings, my “I love jack bauer” pendant from hoolala and black patent leather lace-up pumps.
[4] what’s for dinner today?

tomato soup
[5] why is today special?

it’s the last day I can call myself a teenager ;)
[6] what would you like to learn to do?

play the piano + how to satisfy my cravings with just one piece of chocolate instead of eating the whole bar ;D + having mastered english and american accents, I’d like to learn to speak with a scottish accent (although the thing with accents is that they’re mostly so adorable when a cute guy speaks with one, say james mcavoy, and not so much when it's your economics tutor ;)
[7] what’s the last thing you bought?

elle mag and a book by andrzej pilipiuk
[8] what are you listening to right now?

birds chirping outside
[9] what is your favorite type of weather?

comfortably warm with a refreshing breeze, a few clouds in the sky. I’d say something like 77F.
[10] what is your most challenging goal right now?

pass all the exams to avoid resits in august... and balance it all with my internship which starts next monday
[11] what do you think about the person who tagged you?

she’s a cutie with great style and a sequined jacket I’d like to steal :D
[12] if you could have a house totally paid for, fully furnished anywhere in the world, where would you like it to be?

that’s a tough one... without too much daydreaming I’d say that right now I could use a spacious apartment (does it count?) in london, preferably in chelsea/south ken
[13] what would you like to have in your hands right now?

a new Chelsea kit that’s launching on thursday
[14] what would you like to get rid of?

everyone who hurts animals
[15] If you could go anywhere in the world for the next hour, where would you go?

madeira (the most beautiful place I’ve seen) or nyc
[16] which language do you want to learn?

[17] what do you look for in a friend?

sense of humour, willingness to act goofy and not treating yourself too seriously, loyalty. unfortunately moving to the uk meant leaving behind my best friend of 6 years, we’ve been these inseparable twin minds that shared everything and being apart sucks big time. we met a couple of weeks ago after over 7 months of not seeing each other and it was like not a day had passed since the last time we met. that’s friendship.
[18] who do you want to meet in person?
richard hammond, bear grylls, james franco, hugh laurie + if they were alive: albert einstein, j.r.r. tolkien, alexander the great (I would host one crazy dinner party ;D)
[19] what’s your favorite type of music?

american standards from the 50s and 60s – frank sinatra, ella fitzgerald, nat king cole, andy williams, etc and now thank god for michael buble! his voice gives me goosebumps and the way he sings “i’m your man”... so hot + I love the chillout, lounge music, that belongs to nights spent at the hotel bar with a glass of white wine (every hotel costes album, zero 7, honeyroot, etc) + because I really dunno how to label them: franz ferdinand, rufus wainwright, antony and the johnsons, sia

[20] what’s the favorite piece of clothing in your own closet?

possibly my burberry trench coat, because it doesn’t matter what you wear underneath, you always look classy.
[21] what is your dream job?

I’d love to be a football journalist – getting free tickets to the matches and then writing/talking about football – pure bliss. part of my daily routine is checking all the sports news and I find reading all the statistics relaxing – my head is filled with so much football-related trivia that it’s really no wonder I cannot possibly fit any extra uni-related information in there, such as microeconomics.
[22] any favorite models?

anna jagodzińska
[23] what would you mostly likely spend $100 on?

[24] what would you like an endless supply of?

chocolate and my favourite mags (and free plane tickets ;)
[25] girl crush?

liv tyler, diane kruger, michelle williams, jennifer aniston, eva green
[26] do you admire anyone’s style?

obviously, but mostly bloggers’, because they don’t have a team of stylists behind them. I admire anyone who stays true to their own sense of style and doesn’t feel obliged to wear the clothes that are ‘in’. a while ago everyone was dressed in ripped tees, skinnies and combat boots – if that’s your thing, go for it, but if you’re wearing it just to fit in and seem cool – so lame.
[27] describe your personal style

neutral colours, smart casual pieces and then I go crazy with bright-coloured accessories and stand-out jewellery. I’d like to think of a witty description, but since I’m in the midst of studying for my exams, it’ll have to wait.

wow, that was long. since I think almost everyone in the blogosphere has done this tag, I tag anyone who hasn't yet and would like to spend some time procrastinating.

so now for some pretty pictures... remember this editorial? I know many hated it, but I love these. bright colours, tropical beach, ocean, what's not to like.


america is not the world

I have this dream of driving through the us, just to experience the atmosphere of forgotten little towns, stop for lunch at some random diners along dusty roads. see the true heart of america.
these photos from barbara vidal capture perfectly what I imagine it would be like.
if you're into this vibe, I recommend reading 'hotel paradise'by martha grimes. extremely well written crime novel that recreates this atmosphere of a godforsaken town in the south of us, in the 50s, combined with a great coming-of-age tale. expect lots of food porn (!).

now if you'll excuse me, I need to go back to our little family gathering - bbq, sun, cheesecakes, music, white wine. the good life. hope you're all having wonderful time too!