where they went to be alone

summer evening, sitting on the grass, sun begins to set, it gets chilly and the air is humid...
my track for these summer evenings/nights: air - empty house
(that's probably because I watched virgin suicides for the first time on one of those summer
evenings last year and I will forever associate this movie with summer. the final party scene and this music still gives me goosebumps).
I've been back in london town since sunday, but life's pretty hectic - closing the deal on summer internship, revision week at uni, etc etc. I have all these incredible ideas for posts but somehow lack the energy to even pick up the camera ;) good thing it's sunny and warm enough to switch to iced lattes at starbucks (it's pretty much the highlight of my day). anyhow, thank god I'm going back home on sunday to enjoy all the simple pleasures in life (in between studying to my exams, that is).
side note: I finally watched changeling today, recommend it to anyone who hasn't yet - great movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout. even though I don't think much of angelina as an actress, clint eastwood's brilliant directing skills and john malkovich's performance more than make up for it.

nicole corbett


  1. Beautiful pictures. They're very calming and bright.

  2. gorgeous pictures, as usual.
    I just bought the virgin suicides book and I can't wait to read it.

  3. these pictures are AMAZING. just looking at them, makes it feels like you're there.