silver white winters that melt into springs

one of my favourite things is jewelry from the hoolala shop on etsy. it's a truly magical place and all the pieces are special - there's a story behind each one. the designs are inspired by alice in wonderland, marie antoinette, jack the ripper and all things victorian/british.

the necklace in the last photo comprises of a charm of prince eddy (one of the possible jack the ripper suspects), a letter allegedly written by jack the ripper and sent to scotland yard, a picture of the royal surgeon sir william gull, a glass vial of blood and a genuine victorian porcelain tooth. seriously, how cool is that?

below are a couple of my own hoolala pieces: an "i am late" ring with a picture of the white rabbit and a pendant with mark darcy.


  1. wow. these are so pretty! i am totally buying them! nice new blog, you have here! i love it! so dreamy :)

  2. thanks! means a lot coming from you :)