you ain't seen nothin' yet

happy new year!

I wish you love, success and beauty. it's going to be amazing.

"I urge you to please notice when you are happy, and exclaim or murmur or think at some point, 'if this isn't nice, I don't know what is.'"

kurt vonnegut



today please destroy me this way

smitten with my latest find - anna inghardt's photography. all shades of white. beautifully simple, quiet and wintery.

+ the soundtrack to my winter. mindblowingly great band, the lyrics, the voice, the music. brilliant.


now I've told you. now you know.

here's to all things shiny, festive and decadent. sparkling christmas lights and snow shimmering in the sun. dressing up when you're home alone. sequins and a plain white tee.

now I should probably get to revising for january exams, instead of watching skins. but since I've arrived home I've been baking non-stop - cheesecakes, gingerbread, carrot cakes... so you can't say I haven't spent my time productively ;)


+ three tracks I have on repeat while baking ;) perhaps not the most terribly cheerful choices for the holiday season, but there's only a certain number of times one can listen to 'let it snow' and other whitechristmases before going crazy.

lacrimosa - wolfgang amadeus mozart


it kicks like a sleep twitch

big winter post… to make up for my absence. winter season has not arrived in londontown yet - it feels like spring here - but apparently there's going to be snow when I come home. speaking of which - I'm coming back to motherland this saturday! these three months flew by. now I'm looking forward to christmas in the countryside - smell of pine trees, gingerbread, smoke from the chimneys in the crisp winter air, silent white mornings. magical.

" I like winter. I like its contradictions: cold but cozy, sparse but beautiful, lifeless but not soulless."

'the behaviour of moths' poppy adams

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